How can I create an account?

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To get most from we advise you to create an account. Please use a valid e-mail and/or your Google/Facebook account to log-in or register your account. 

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How can I change my password?

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  1. Click on > Settings 
  2. Click on > Reset Password
How can I see my enrolled courses?

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  1. Click on > Dashboard 
  2. Click on > Enrolled Courses
Course video is not working, what can I do?

If your enrolled course is not working or waiting to be loaded you can check the below options. 

  1. Please check the speed of your internet connection. If you connection is slow there may be some latency while the system loads the course video/content. 
  2. Please check your country internet policy. Some countries restrict Youtube/Vimeo and/or other video stream sources. 
  3. Please use a safe VPN service and try again. Please keep in the mind that free VPN services are slow rather to paid services. 
My page load is too slow!

We try our best to keep our server and service alive. We always use the latest cache systems. If you have latency on page loads please follow these steps. 

  1. Use incognito/private window
  2. Ensure that you cleaned your cache. In most cases clearing the cache’s or refreshing the page solves the problem.
  3. Check any window or service blocking programs. If there is any harmful program may not function as expected. 
There is padlock near courses topics!

Only subscribed and/or enrolled courses has access for the logged-in users. Please be sure you have successfully registered with 

  1. Click on ‘Enroll Course’ 
  2. Click on > Dashboard 
  3. Click on > Enrolled Courses 
I need more help!

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