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Revolutionizing Facial Grafting

10 Lessons
1.2 hour
All Levels
What you'll learn
Analyze the impact of injection depth and technique on the aesthetic outcomes of fat injections.
Explore innovative techniques in fat grafting for natural-looking and long-lasting results.
Explore the potential applications of nano-fat in regenerative medicine.

Understand the importance of injection protocols in optimizing fat graft survival.
Explore new concepts and innovations in fat grafting techniques for facial rejuvenation.
What you'll learn
Understand the principles of facial fat grafting and its role in rejuvenating facial features.
Explore the anatomical considerations and facial zones suitable for fat grafting.
Examine patient candidacy criteria and factors influencing successful fat grafting outcomes.
Analyze the regenerative properties of adipose-derived stem cells in facial fat grafting.
Evaluate the safety and effectiveness of fat grafting compared to other facial rejuvenation procedures.
What you'll learn
Understand the concept of clinic cream lines and their role in targeted skincare.
Explore the formulation and benefits of liposomal biocream in cosmetic applications.
Examine the integration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and nanofat in skincare for enhanced regenerative effects.
Analyze the mechanisms of action behind liposomal delivery systems in cosmetic formulations.
Evaluate the evidence and clinical studies supporting the use of PRP and nanofat in skincare.
What you'll learn
Understand the principles of nano-fat extraction.
Explore the potential applications of nano-fat in regenerative medicine.
Investigate the role of adipose-derived stem cells in tissue regeneration.
Learn the techniques involved in isolating adipose-derived stem cells.
Examine the use of adipose-derived stem cells in stem cell therapy.

Lipo Harvesting

1 Lesson
9 minutes
All Levels

All steps of ‘Lipo Harvesting’ is shown and explained in …

What you'll learn
Understand the principles and importance of lipoharvesting in plastic and aesthetic surgery.
Explore different techniques for harvesting adipose tissue.
Learn about the role of lipoharvesting in autologous fat transfer procedures.
Investigate the characteristics and functions of adipocytes in lipoharvested fat.
Examine the applications of lipoharvesting in body contouring surgeries.

Injection Techniques by Area

5 Lessons
9 minutes
All Levels
What you'll learn
Understand the fundamentals of injection techniques in aesthetic medicine.
Explore the use of fat as dermal fillers in facial rejuvenation.
Learn about the application of fat (e.g., microfat, nanofat) for wrinkle reduction.
Investigate specific injection techniques for lip augmentation.
Examine approaches to address nasolabial folds and other facial creases.
What you'll learn
Understand the principles of facial regenerative surgery and its role in restoring facial aesthetics.
Explore the science behind fat grafting and its application in facial volume restoration.
Examine the patient selection criteria for facial regenerative surgery with fat grafting.
Analyze the safety and efficacy of fat grafting techniques in facial rejuvenation.
Evaluate the integration of stem cells in fat grafting for enhanced regenerative outcomes.

Female-to-Male Top Surgery(FTM) Webinar

7 Lessons
18 minutes
All Levels

This course gives a brief description about the Fundamentals of …

What you'll learn
Understand the significance of top surgery in the gender affirmation process for FTM individuals.
Explore the different surgical techniques used in chest masculinization surgery.
Examine the psychological and emotional aspects of gender confirmation surgery.
Analyze the criteria and considerations for patient eligibility for top surgery.
Evaluate the risks, benefits, and potential complications associated with top surgery.

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